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Free Live Masterclass Series hosted by Jean Harville
JANUARY 27 - FEBRUARY 13, 2020

Get 2020 vision on research-based, proven practices for moms in helping their kids gain control over their emotions, anxiety, communication skills, the ability to focus, even improve their learning skills. Moms like you are realizing the valuable gifts their uniquely-wired kids have to offer.

Unleash Your Kid’s Genius Masterclass Series

These masterclasses are for moms:

  • ​who have a passion to see the unique gifts their kids possess
  • ​who want to empower their kids to envision what is possible for them
  • ​who want to build their kid’s confidence and self-esteem
  • ​who have kids that are uniquely wired and struggling with learning
Click to join thousands of moms who are benefitting from:

  • ​18 Expert Speakers and 18 free resources
  • Cutting-edge research on brain development in their kids
  • Brain-based strategies to building their kid’s self-esteem
  • ​Learning how to identify their kid’s Zone of Genius

Check Out This Group of Amazing Guest Experts

Sharon Selby, MA
Registered Clinical Counsellor and Author
Dr. Sharon Saline
Clinical Psychologist and Author
Debbie Reber, MA
Parenting Activist, Author, Founder of Tilt Parenting
Alison Morris
Founder of Full Potential Parenting and EFT Practitioner
Elaine Taylor-Klaus
Parent Coach and
Co-Founder of ImpactADHD®
Sherri Fisher, MAPP, MEd
Director, Learn & Flourish
Yulia Rafailova
Executive Function Coach and Founder of MindFull Education
Jess Sherman
Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) and Family Health Expert
Nicole A. Tetreault, PhD
 Founder of Awesome Neuroscience and Beyond the Cell
Sonia Story
Neurodevelopmental Movement Educator
Marci Melzer
Intuitive, Speech Language Pathologist and Language Facilitation Consultant
Laura Reagan
President, CEO of Heart 2 Heart Parents
Jean Harville
Online Reading Strategist
Monica Swanson
Author and Podcast Host of Boy Mom
Barbara Steinberg
Founder and Owner of PDX Reading Specialist
Dr. Charlotte Reznick
Child Educational Psychologist and Founder of Imagery For Kids
Erica Curtis
 Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Collin Diedrich
Founder and President of the Learning Disabilities Association of Pennsylvania

Masterclass Schedule

Day 1 - January 27th
What Kids with ADHD Wish you Knew and How You Can Help by Dr. Sharon Saline

Day 2 - January 28th
Insight into a Bright Mind: The Brain Science of Neurodiversity and Original Thinking by Dr. Nicole Tetreault

Day 3 - January 29th
One Instant Shift that Activates your Child's Executive Function by Yulia Rafailova

Day 4 - January 30th
Understanding Anxiety and How to Manage It by Sharon Selby

Day 5 - January 31st
The Healing Power of Children’s Imagination by Dr. Charlotte Reznick

Day 6 - February 1st
Character Strengths for Positive Edge Parenting by Sherri Fisher

Day 7 - February 2nd
Setting the Stage for Success with Complex Kids by Elaine Taylor-Klaus

Day 8 - February 3rd
Differently Wired Children by Debbie Reber

Day 9 - February 4th
Building Intentional Connections With Your Sons by Monica Swanson

Day 10 - February 5th
Tween, Teen, and Parent Communication by Laura L Reagan

Day 11 - February 6th
Parents Are the BEST Language Facilitators by Marci Melzer

Day 12 - February 7th
Learning Disorders Re-defined: The Impact of Nutrition on Learning Struggles by Jess Sherman

Day 13 - February 8h
Creative Approaches to Calming Anxiety and Stress in Kids by Erica Curtis

Day 14 - February 9th
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping) by Alison Morris

Day 15 - February 10th
Special Movements Help with ADHD symptoms, Anxiety, Sensory & Learning Issues by Sonia Story

Day 16 - February 11th
We're All Smart...  In Different Ways by Barbara Steinberg

Day 17 - February 12th
How Understanding My Learning Differences Helped Me Reach My Goal of Becoming a Scientist by Dr. Collin Diedrich

Day 18 - February 13th
Empowering Moms With a Brain-based Approach to Reading by Jean Harville

About Jean Harville
Jean Harville is an online reading strategist who helps moms nurture their struggling readers into confident readers using effective reading strategies through her signature system 6 Step Read and Understand Framework. 

She is a certified special education teacher with 20 years of experience working with elementary level students who struggled with reading turning them into confident readers. She worked in various settings from the public schools, private schools, and specialized clinics where she learned cutting edge strategies that helped strengthen her teaching skills. She earned her Master's degree along the way and just recently became a certified Reading Interventionist. 

You can find Jean either in the Raising Kids Who Love To Read By Jean Harville Facebook group or at
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